Why You should like Gutenberg plugin and Should not (Review)

Gutenberg plugin.

Most of the bloggers use WordPress as their main platform Me too.
I’m a wordpress user and I love WordPress.
WordPress allowed to use a lot of plugins, Customization and superb community present you to help you.

Did you know?

You know MNC like Toyota ,CNN ,facebook use wordpress as their platform.
Gutenberg plugin is an editor plugin or more than of that.Currenty most of wordpress user’s using the ordinary Classic plugin with add-on TinyMCEeditor.Here comes the another plugin Gutenberg.

Why you should like Gutenberg?

1.Block Style

In Gutenberg plugin Everything become Block means,The things you write or added pictures videos everything are look like blocks it’s easy to move and arrange according to the use.

2.Content Structure Style

The structure style includes the totalwords and structure of heading paragraph.It helps you to simply get the idea about the article or the blog you about to post.outline structure of the block.

3.Common Blocks

You can add Heading ,List ,Image, Quotes,gallery or files etc..To your blog post simple by a click the block style is simple.


Pull quotes,html ,performatted ,table etc are you can add simply love this style


It’s the feature you can add New posts archive,list in block via using it.


It’s the feature you can add New posts archive,list in block via using it.


The Options Give you to embedded videos,audios or files from the most using socialmedia networks.

8.Advanced Options

The advanced options in the Gutenberg plugin gives you to Html anchor option. And most of al additional CSS you can style each thing you write.The text color ,size, background color ,etc

9.Plugin Support

For styling the block ,the new plugins should be in market soon.you can use it.

Why you don’t like Gutenberg .

  • 1.The Style
    One who like Old Classic style hate this blog nature.Everything become blocks so when you writing the paragraph if you enter it’s come under a block so it’s little bit annoying for the classic style lover.
  • 2.The TinyMCE .Support is not Here.(currently)
    Yes most wordpress users like tymce plugin as an add-on for writing.so while you use this Gutenberg plugin you cannot get the features simply in Gutenberg eg.the crop feature while adding images etc.
  • 3.The Justify is missing.
    The Justify feature seen in Via a simple click is missing in Gutenberg.
  • 4.Upload image via link. is missing
    Gutenberg you can add anything from your gallery or you can upload.but You can’t add via link .It’s possible in classic
  • 5. Plugins and Themes Compatibility.
    The plugin may not work properly because of the Gutenberg so you should aware this theme compatibility also an issue, While using some themes may broke your site.or there is a chance of the weird look may appear in your wordpress blog.

My thoughts .

Gutenberg is a superb plugin In my thoughts.

Elememtor Copycat ?

If you used Elementor plugin The one of the best page builder.I think while using this plugin it’s look almost similar to that plugin.
Yes it’s missing some elements but it’s nicely fit the WordPress and While using the Background color and letter color feature you can simply attract your readers.

Anyways nexr WordPress update the Gutenberg will be the default editor in wordpress if you not covered before it relase.If you covered you can still use classic editor for few more days.
Gutenberg or pagebulider

“I think the Gutenberg will kill other page builders eventually .In my prediction if it’s updating day to day the Gutenberg have amazing possibilities,like a page builder plugin.
No. TinyMCE, Yes it’s kills the other editors plugin.
I think wordpress wanted to remove most of the plugins focusing editing. because of the Security laws and I think they wanted the WordPress platform to be secure.”


able chacko


Finally anyways try to learn it.The next update will be Gutenberg update.
And if you don’t know about more then don’t install it may be your plugins and themes may not work with it.so be covered with still using classic editor.

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