Things should be in Bag while Traveling.

It’s Not about the travelling it’s about the its self a travel phenomenon we all are the wanderer of the beautiful journey to the known destination.

There are plenty of travel blogs and channels on youtube to find out what should be in Bag while travelling.

You can Check out that simply.

My Point is the Life the Travel journey of a human to the known destination. What should be in your bag while travelling the life?

Things should be in you bag while the life is your major journey

“Life is really a complicated thing if you not think about what life is”

Things should be in Bag while Traveling

life is a beautiful journey


Yes, you should be filled with courage while travelling courage is important to face the issues and make new decisions etc.


Yes, the bag should contain an optimism to face everything thing a hope a positivity in yourself by that you can overcome anything or any troubles in the path.


The most important thing should be in your bag.without love all thing are unuseful.”Love your neighbour as you love yourself”.it’s a biblical word with a meaning full ideas filled with.what currently the world needs? It’s not money or education its the peace, lack of love make you sad it the absence of peace.if you can think about your neighbour as like you-you may careful at everything you do .will never destroy the beautiful’s not yours its others the animals plants everything owns this be in love.


If I said love then there is the offer came with it’s the happiness if you having the love, Happiness is the by-product of that. Happiness makes you energetic even you are at peak of the age. Happiness gives you optimism and that leads to the courage and the courage leads you to the final known destination.

Bonus thing.


I think you need it.according to Wiki, Traditionally, spirituality refers to a religious process of re-formation which “aims to recover the original shape of a man”, oriented at “the image of God” as exemplified by the founders and sacred texts of the religions of the world.
But what my point is you should be spiritual it may help you sometimes. (it’s an optional tool or thing you should keep while travelling the journey called life.

“Love, happiness, optimism, courage and the bonus spirituality”

These are the main things you need while travelling never forgot.

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