No one, will reveal the secret of Instagram ideas.Here I will tell you some rules that I find out.

  1. Divide
  2. Specific
  3. Target

Three Rules to get Succeeded

I have beautiful pictures but why I don’t get succeeded.?
Are you the only one who focuses on fashion, Travel, Art. Etc. No. In Instagram there are paid followers accounts and celebrity, Verified blogger accounts, So you have to go through this how?

1.Divide The Niche

Whats Your Niche? It may be anything then divine that niche into parts. Means, If you like photography then you can divine that niche into portrait photography, Street photography, Nature, travel. Then focus on that.
Every Niche has some sub-categories so you can find out which category you belong.


Be specific means you posted Automobile pics and Then you post nature then you posted fashion
It’s good if you’re a lifestyle Instagramer. But if in Instagram people follow only for some information or their likes if someone like Nature they followed you after you posted about makeup then they surely un-follow you. So be specific about the post and the posting time.


Finally the Targeting the audience, yes to get followers or you want to be noticed then you should target the specific audience.
Using Hash # tags is the simple form of targeting the users. Then it will be showing up in search results. If you are willing then spend some money on promoting while promotions you will get reach and views and some peoples will follow you sure.

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