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Plugin free Cookie in Blog!

Cookies and Me.

Running a Blog you need a cookie policy and Disclaimer.How to do it ?

Plugin free Cookie in Blog!

You’re a Blogger that’s Why  you’re reading this . Actually I’m using word press as the base platform for my blog.I dont know whats you’re using!

I hope most of the peoples using wordpress as their platform.

Others may using. Blogger , Joomla or any other html web applications.

Ok let me tell you something.While using wordpress I have installed a lot of plugins in my blog.By that of Site may slow down a little bit by the loading time according to Getmetrix

You can check your blog speed at here . GTmetrix
Hows your speed? 

The Cookie Law

The Cookie Law is a piece of privacy legislation that requires websites to get consent from visitors to store or retrieve any information on a computer, smartphone or tablet. 

It was designed to protect online privacy, by making consumers aware of how information about them is collected and used online, and give them a choice to allow it or not.
 want to read more ? click here 

cookie without plugin!

 After using most installed wordpress cookie plugin I just need a  change so I tried the java scripted form .its nice and simple and look cool !

You can add the cookie policy without a plugin This is awesome

First you must need to login to your Dashboard!

First Go to ! Silktide

When you landed the webpage you will know what to do later! But I will Explain How I did it 🙂

Select which style you like then continue

After this Select your page or the link address of your policy page link and paste it here !

You Can cutomise thw Text here !

Copy the code

Copy the generated code !

Open up the header.php file and paste the code you have copied after the opening <head>tag:

Click Update 

I think you Learned how to use impliment the cookie notice without plugin 

 test it.. !! if you like 🙂
Ok karma will take care of you!!!

Top Five next Instagram Update Should be

Next Instagram Update Should be

Top Five next Instagram Update should be this, My Humble suggestion to the instagram 🙂


The Most Trending and Upcoming social media app are Instagram. The App Curating the pictures and small video clips. Instagram is the best app for drive traffic to the blog.

Instagram Hidden Features

Instagram app having Some hidden features mean, Only a few are available to the common users. Here I will write what should be the next Instagram update users want! 

1.The Swipe Uplink!

Currently, the swipe Up only for those who have 10k followers. I never say it’s for every account please make it at least for The Biz accounts in the Instagram.

2.Story Limit.

Actually, the Instagram Story is best but more stories in one profile? It’s totally disgusting may be a user may click unfollow button because of that ( I do ) so limit the story by default or user can set it up!

3.Shopping Feature should be Global

This feature is good for Startup companies, it will help the Small startups in the country too.Make fast review for the startup companies.

4.Remove video feature in Instagram

Yes.There is IGTv so why the video feature in Instagram so if you remove the vedo from Instagram people will definitely view IGTv and they become IGTv creators.

5.IGTv and Facebook!

Do cross platform and Then the video view will be increase as well

These are my Few Humble request and Suggestions to the Instagram as a user and blogger.

Five Use of Instagram stories

Make Use of Instagram stories.

In 2012 I posted my First picture on Instagram at that time Instagram is not as famous as now. currently owned by facebook its changed a lot and I have seen all changes as a user.

Some features are limited to the people according to the followers it’s a really bad thing.

Let’s think about the feature’s added in Instagram Stories.

 Instagram Stories are ridiculously fun (and an easy way to lose an hour, cripes!), actually, it’s a copycat thing from the Snapchat. When I used it its fun. Later I avoided it.

The first update the story Just Included only add Picture and writings after that links, live video..etc are introduced.

Let me Tell you why I like this feature

1. New Post Alert.!

new picture added in instagram?
browse the feed for new pics

 If you’re using Instagram not just like the facebook you may use you never browse only your feeds you may check the Instagram feed instead of your feed, by that you may get new ideas and peoples who you wanted to follow or comment or connect etc. So my point is while you’re using Instagram to post your newly added pic to the story.

 New post added. blur etc.
Because we may follow a lot of people so by looking the story we go through the profile and like it.

2. New Feature ( ask )



 The feature introduced just like the Facebook feature does any suggestion? ( Looking for recommendations )
You can ask people to suggestions for food, travel, stay…etc

3. The Poll Feature


It’s interesting one that you can take place a poll
Simply while you’re in store may be cloth store check poll which dresses you want to select etc.

4. Link! Or Mentions


 These features are good to get an offer or giveaway. (limited to 10k)

5. Live video

live feature

 You can go live . while you have to say something or share something just like FB live again copy. actually we rarely use this feature.

Actually, these are the 5 things main use for a common instagrammer.