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Wake Up! Unnikutta your Coffee is on the Table. The sweet voice I hear when I’m in my home.

” Patience is the time between drinking a cup of coffee and the motivation to begin your day”

The morning coffee is a Boost to do my Bucketlists.

Do you love Soulpancake? The Youtube channel I love to watch their videos. “Tell me My Story” it’s a quite interesting one, the couple are filling some blank questionnaire provided by the team and they assuming what the person is! It’s a blind date hahaha!!

Wake Up!! Able,
Who is that? This sound familiar to me like Google voice .who is this and Where am I? You will find out this after
Your coffee and  Morning Routine. yes!! the Voice is Truly like Google voice.

Coffee was Placed in the beautiful art worked table. The place is awesome and Bright. I just looked to the window the solar rays are so damn! beautiful. Yes, it’s just like a blind date to Nature.

Before I went to sleep my mind was searching for the blog post about a blind date with the world.

When I get Ready, the food was present in my Dining table How they know my favorite food? They serve the food I like most, does google did this? Actually, there is a thought or saying I always heard, “Google knows you!”

While on a blind date with the World, in the Place you don’t know, you get your favorite food in the morning that’s an awesome thing for a traveler, The travelers are, travel to explore, the food, culture, things to do etc.but knowing their likes and dislikes? By a Travel Organizer, it will win the heart of a traveler.

Actually, where I trapped? When I wake up I found the place having no mobile coverage that’s a little annoying for me, but when I saw a free wifi named ‘welcome to the Blind date’. I was feeling wondered having an internet connection is just like a water tank in the middle of the desert. ( A blogger know this )

After adding some Instagram Story. It’s time to go out and Explore the Beauty of this amazing place.
I got a message,
‘There is No guide to Explore this beautiful place, You only you! We are with you.’
A lot of love.#sayyestotheworld

When I stepped outside, There are a lot of people were present in the Garden. some of them singing, dancing some are busy with taking selfies. They were From different Countries, states that’s a wow! The moment for me.

All of them Came for the Same Reason to explore the Enriching Experience of the Blind date with the World.

To talk the different people and From different Ethic, Language, Cultural background is awesome yes you must go for a blind date with the world.

To be friends with strangers is not an easy task but I Got sync with some people. The like-minded people. I was very happy to see the open-minded people with the same thoughts. Together We Started To explore The Place.

“Eda Eneekkeda” (Hey Son Get up! )
Sorry I was in a Dream. A tiny dream just like a day?
You know one dream.

Dreams may occur during other stages of sleep. However, these dreams tend to be much less vivid or memorable.[3] The length of a dream can vary; they may last for a few seconds, or approximately 20–30 minutes.

Anyways it’s Not late at all. Travel #sayyestotheworld explore anything,You can explore what you want.Let me suggest you some interesting topic if you want to Explore the world and be a travel influencer

Few Topics To Be Unique Travel Explorer
1.Place ,Nature
Aerial Photo of City Buildings Beside Green Mountains Under Cloudy Sky

Just Explore the place the beauty through words and pictures.

Free stock photo of food, salad, restaurant, person

Your Focus is food but you dont need to cook ,Just travel the places in search of taste , try the taste and explore the food.

Close Up Photography of Group of People

Social Culture is different form country ,state,communities,so you can explore it. Focus on the cultural activities

Aerial Photography of Ancient Tomb

Explore the to the places that having histories lies.Explore it. I sure You will discover new things.

Man Watering the Plant during Daytime

Explore the Farm plantations,It will be a nice Experience to you.

6. Luxury
Brown Wooden Coffee Table Below an Uplight Chandelier

The Luxury Explore. Expore the Expensive Hotels,Things, Via Travel

7. Industry
Panoramic Shot of Sky

There are a lot of industries are present in this world. so you can explore it.Automobile,steel etc.

Free stock photo of city, road, man, people

Explore the people Just like Humans of NY. You can write a book,the collections of people I met.

Hope you like my Article,

Happy Exploring to all the people who love to Explore the World with your Limitations (only if anything exists.)

Karma will take care of you!