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Iam Lazy and what about you?

I am  Lazy.While you go through my blog post you can see what Iam saying is right! 

I am a Procrastinator who postpone everything.

In my way, I think yeah ! there is a lot of time to write or post.

Actually the procrastination is only affect my blog mainly.If I wanted to share any idea through my blog then its a 30 minute task ! but now a days mircro blogging grow faster than the blog.

But there is still chance for blogs.Thats why indiblogger & Skillinfinity are present! They really helps a lot bloggers.

Microblogging? Mainly the I never post a long blogpost! in my blog.Being not a celebrity I won’t get more traffic.But I’m here to write about my views so it won’t affect me.

The blogging help me to improve my language ( I hope so ) This is not my Primary language either but I love to write in English.

while Starting a new blog I searched a lot could I choose native language or universal?  

Want to express your Actual inner feelings then the Native is the best because that may suit you more comfortable.But choosing English make you even reachable its universal.May be your punctuation’s grammar, may wrong some people may make you fun,but there are people they will help you.Support you and even encourage you to write more.

I am not a daily blogger or a monthly blogger.I blog when ever I wanted to blog. 

Actually I wanted to escape from this lazy- Procrastination. 

Are you a procastinator like me?