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Five Apps That Make You a PRO in Insta Story

Five Apps that make you Pro in Instastory

 I already posted about I love Instagram stories. How to make instagram story like pro? while using the Instagram you may saw some best interesting Instagram stories in your feed right? So,Do you Want to improve your Instagram stories and Stories?                  There also are a lot of Insta Story making apps on the market. Which ones are worth it? The most of all free applications are filled with may disturb you while using.

So Which ones do everyone use to make these beautiful Insta Stories?

I recommend you Five Apps that available in Google play store that’ll help you create better Instagram stories.

Here are the five most popular apps to edit InstaStories. ( according to me )

1. Canva

 The first app I will recommend Canva. The app let you login to your account it’s having a lot of Instagram story templates. You can choose change font styles etc. This app is a favorite one of all bloggers its do more than an Instastory maker a lot of features included in this app quick collages, add icons are few options, Canva is the easiest and fastest one you can use. You can upload your own photos, add icons, stickers too

“The cool thing about Canva is that you can use it on your computer or on the app. The sync feature helps you to use your previous story style.”

Do I recommend this? This app doesn’t have  advertisement so easy to use ,and it’s Free that means a lot of features without paying a simple penny. Easy to use Choose a template or you can  make your brand. Sync feature enables you to use Both Pc and Mobile by using an account.

Anything bad? Loading time … I hate this app only because of the loading time.But if you have high-speed data its ok.

for download google play


 Fold and unfold nice words right?I used this app its perfect to make cool collages for your InstaStory.There are some templates are available to this application,but its not fully free its comes with paid option some good template are paid its really a sad thing but You can mix photos and videos on the same collage in some templates that’s a good thing actually this instastory apps seems to use a poet or the storytellers .

Why do I recommend Really Simple and Easy to use just only clicks and insert .You can Add Videos to the story.The Collage Feature make you to attract more peoples.

The sound seems I don’t like much? A yes.the ‘popup’ like an can Turn it off via settings in your phone but it may sometime crash the Application. Best one templates are paid.So this instastory app Sucks.

For download google play

3.Logo pit

 Logopit is the best logo maker & the simplest graphic design app I found in Playstore besides we can make awesome Instagram stories by using it.Yes you can use this as a instastory maker.

Why do I recommend? you can add Custom fonts styles..etc to the stories.No problem of too much advertisement and the free royalty free image is the best option.

Anything I don’t like? Actually not! because I like this app a lot I create images sometimes using this.

For download google play


 SNOW is an app to add cool effects on your InstaStory photos and videos.did you hear the Word Videos? yes I like that feature just like the Instagram camera it includes filters, icons, cool features ,You can use this app to create an awesome video for your IG Tv too.

Why Recommended? Simple you can use this as a camera for capture images and videos. Filters and Icons totally fun just like Snapchat.I think this App will stole the mind of girls who using Candycam or B612 etc..

Don’t like anything? Currently, I don’t find anything. If I found something then I will update this post.

For download google play

5. Adobe Spark

 Last but The superstar all of this Nice features as similar to canva app the app let you use remix the template and you can sync the project using the account you’re signed in.This is a superb,instastory maker or blogger friendly app


“The best one”

Recommended or not? Yes, of course, definitely, this one is the nice and the best one in the category after canva the free royalty free images and the fonts style makes the spark even better amount this.

Anything I don’t like? No. I recommend this one.

For download google play

“These are the best five instastory maker apps available in playstore.According to me you can try these Apps.

Welcome peeps (Reboot)


 It may or may not please many of you to know that you and I are Very much alike are we ? Checking Notification light blinking in Mobile is anyone like my new image I posted in Instagram,someone followed you in twitter ! Checking Facebook feeds while mobile in your hand.

( We don’t know when the Government hike the price of fuel! Oh its November is there is any chance of Ban 100 rupee ? Does you have freedom to eat your favorite food ?

I Love Jimikki kammal Song (currently) ,  I liked the Kolaveri di Song when it was a viral song. Don’t know which song gonna be my Favorite next! Yes Go with the flow.Does these words describe you?

Okay. Just me.

 Well anyway,Welcome to my Blog– its a new Reboot 🙂 Creating a blog its a simple task .Everyone is a Blogger or vlogger so why reboot ? Let us check what Google says about this :- Reboots remove any non-essential elements associated with the old blog by restarting the new blog continuity over and distilling it down to the core elements and concepts. For audiences, reboots allow easier entry for newcomers unfamiliar topics.So I hope I write the posts that will promote positivity,creativity,fun,fashion and love etc.

welcome to my Blog! 

NB: Did you notice its my old post 🙂 Just a back up !  I love this post very much 🙂