Onam packages arriving soon.

Onam the best festival in Kerala.Kerala?
The Gods own country. The Onam is a celebration
While searching google Wikipedia will tell you,

“Onam is an annual Hindu festival with origins in the state of Kerala in India. It falls in the Malayalam calendar month of Chingam,
The festival commemorates the Vamana avatar of Vishnu, the subsequent homecoming of the legendary Emperor Mahabaliand mythologies of Hinduism related to Kashyapaand Parashurama.”

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Onam is a major annual event for Malayali people in and outside Kerala. It is a harvest festival. yeah
In childhood, we all waiting for the Onam days Every Malayali celebrate this festival “kanam Vittum Onam Unnanam” it’s a proverb which means”One must have the Onam lunch even selling his property, to have so” That’s The onam days.

The Ten days of Onam you can have wonderful meals and ‘Payasam’

There are a lot of things to say about Onam.

Onam Packages Comming soon
Onam is a celebration of love, food etc. It’s a gathering of people to come house and make the dishes together and saying some little bit murmuring. Dance, Pookkalam. Etc

For Media
Onam is a festival of making money. In my childhood days, I eagerly waiting for the festival times to watch some new films on Television, the advertisement will be last for 15 or more that but We watch till the end. now everything becomes DTH, Netflix. But for media Onam still is a season for the business.

The Appliances
It’s the season for giving free DVD or Washing machines etc. Now interesting is the smartphone offer mainly they offer an iPhone for the purchase.

Textiles Shops

its the sales-season for Mundu,sarees .so they also provide you offers.

Here comes the one package homely food with ‘ ‘onam sadya’ and all other Onam related functions are available check-in.

Finally and the important
Onam packages for the people. Yeah, Onam is not Just an onam anymore, its a package for the people .I already said its a festival but we are changing, adapting ,so onam should change its style right? we don’t have time to make food to talk to people or enjoy our life to the fullest form .so there is a package for food, Onapookalam and all other activities within a phone call event managers will give you some offers too because of its Onam ..  you just come and participate.That’s the Modern Onam.

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