Are you in Twitter? NBC journalist asked Indian PM Narendra Modi

Able life for youMegan Kelly the NBC Journalist asked Inidan PM Narendra Modi are you in twitter ? Indian Prime Minister Was with Vladimir Putin

Megan Kelly
Megan Kelly


While talking  Narendra Modi talk to her “I  saw your tweet with Umbrella “The Journalist Replied  ‘oh! you Seen that?’ are you in Twitter?

Hey Megan Kelly I thought u were a good Anchor .But you don’t know our PM ? It’s Modi ,NarendraModi Our PM the Prime Minister of India .❤  Yeah _ He is not only in the twitter but also in the heart of 1.3 billion people of India
He is the Top politician in twitter world more Than 17.M followers … Oh you got only 2M it’s okay dear… Kelly .
Don’t ask foolish questions . Are you n Twitter?  It’s India Girl… Lol






He is our PM and I love

I’m not a BJP fan

I respect our PM 😊

I Respect My Nation

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