Learn 3 things from Sivagami


Learn 3 things from Sivagami

Ramya Krishnan as Sivagami
Ramya Krishnan as Sivagami
I Know you Watched Bahubali Movie By S.S.Rajamouli.The Movie Having lot of amazing Characters. Sivagami The Ruler,The role played by the Sizzling actress Ramya Krishnan.

Ok Let Me write 3 Things I like the Character Sivagami.


Look At her SHE is a Leader SIvagamiA
Look At her SHE is a Leader SIvagami

The Leadership Quality of Sivagami.The Mahishmathi Kingdom having a Lack of King but the Sivagami Rules the kingdom very well.She know how to manage their citizens and the other members in the palace.Yes,she is a Great Leader.Are you a Leader like This ?

2. Strong Desire/Will Power

She is Filled with immersing desire and will power.

“Mahindra Bahubali must live”

“Mahendra Bahubali ” Will live

I think only this quotes make you Believe about her will power.Yes she having a strong desire and will power.

Are you having strong desire for something?


She is a Mother
She is a Mother

Yes she is a Women.We can see her women personality in both sequence of the movie.She kills a man with his knife and take her young baby in her hand and Singing Song to the baby and feeding him.We can see a sudden transformation of Warrior to Mother. Here,Why she ordering to Kill Bahubali you know what I means 😊 Its Womenhood…

This is My selected 3things about the character Sivagami.

Which one you like? Have anything to add then you can Comment.!! 👍

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