I am Back !

Iam Back !

Iam back !Note ! Its has been one month, l published my reboot post in my Blog. After that  Isl started , Rahul become president of congress , Ted Talk in Tv ( Killing ideas Through Advertisement ) ,Rape News (common now days ), Election in Gujarat (Just for Fun) , Parvathy the Feminist (news makers) and Lal the Odiyan (dedication to acting)   last not least  the Okhi the Killer.


Yes! I am Back.

This is not Just a ‘Blog post’ : this is the Post about, why I was not posted so far?
The truth is I was lazy. Are you a Lazy one ? Ans : http://bit.ly/2pypb2N


Just like John Wick Said – I think I’m back ! Yes I gonna Criticize everything. It includes you.
The situations the current trending topics the Fake news. Promoting films …Etc
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Iam Back  !! Stay tuned … Fellas!!!!

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