Here Is A simple Method That Is Helping Instagram newbie I just found an app called Instagram. New Here You you have to learn something.

I’m not giving tutorials to signup or writing about the functions of instagram the rule for how to use it!

Instagram is a platform for anyone it should be a business or personal ( I’m Not talking about the Account style, or features Business account or personal ) Taking about the use of it.

Personal Instagram.
Here you are dealing with your personal things.
Eg. I bought a new car.
Emotions etc you can add here or your Personal passion about picture yes you’re an awesome photographer so Instagram will help you to reach your skills to more people. If you have something to write yes you can write by using poetry apps.
The Instagram personal account is just like that

Business Instagram
It’s extremely Different from personal. Here you’re selling something. You own a Bakery or a hotel you just started an Instagram with your hipster look pictures bullshit!! It’s for your business growth you should post the images of customers says or the beautiful foods you serve, your offers cards. etc it will catch you more customers via social media.


  1. Stole someone’s pics and post it on Instagram without giving a credit.
  2. Don’t follow someone because he followed you.there are cheaters.
  3. look carefully each photo or is this guy is amazing for me and his account has definite value click follow button.
  4. Never Un-follow a true follower.Because of his likes makes you more reach in days. may be some of your followers are fake.
  5. Be Consistent in your uploading pictures.followers will came soon.

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