Do Not Watch Solo Malayalam Movie Why?

Do Not watch The Movie Solo why ?

The movie solo is only for those who like Drama and Ciniphile. The Solo new Movie from the director Bijoy Nambiar

Little info about Movie

Solo Means Single But this movie is not about one Story its about Four in one.Dulquer Salman ,common factor in all filims,plays the characters with various names of Shiva — Shekhar,Trilok,Shiva and Rudra. Each Charecter played well by Dulquer Salman.Hats off to the Actor inside.

My Critic

Let me tell you something I entered to watch this movie For to watch an action Filim the trailer made me to think like that. So When I sat down in The Theater Carnival cinemas Muvattupuzha.The intro Music drag me to the sat down there.

If you are going to watch this movie for only Romance or only Action and only a family Movie so Do not buy ticket from Bookmyshow or carnival or any other website this movie is not for you.

So what is inside this movie ? The movie is packed with all Genre yes its having action,fun,romance ,revenge like everything.

The Direction is superb what should I like the Visual and the Background Music.Beyond that the drawing of each character of Shiva “I love it” Who is the Artist? Did you know ? I like the story of Trilok the story deals the revenge — little surprise in that Revenge.I loved that story and another funny story is about Rudra who fall in love with a girl but that Girl become his Step its Funny.How to live this world without Mother ? the Story of Shiva its little Confusion filled.

The movie having a little twist in all stories and it surprise me even in some cameo characters like Dino moera , Deepti Sati etc

In my view its an awesome and a new taste for Malayalam Movie industry

Should Enjoy the Sound Effects of this Movie.That is Awesome

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