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Top Five next Instagram Update Should be

Next Instagram Update Should be

Top Five next Instagram Update should be this, My Humble suggestion to the instagram 🙂


The Most Trending and Upcoming social media app are Instagram. The App Curating the pictures and small video clips. Instagram is the best app for drive traffic to the blog.

Instagram Hidden Features

Instagram app having Some hidden features mean, Only a few are available to the common users. Here I will write what should be the next Instagram update users want! 

1.The Swipe Uplink!

Currently, the swipe Up only for those who have 10k followers. I never say it’s for every account please make it at least for The Biz accounts in the Instagram.

2.Story Limit.

Actually, the Instagram Story is best but more stories in one profile? It’s totally disgusting may be a user may click unfollow button because of that ( I do ) so limit the story by default or user can set it up!

3.Shopping Feature should be Global

This feature is good for Startup companies, it will help the Small startups in the country too.Make fast review for the startup companies.

4.Remove video feature in Instagram

Yes.There is IGTv so why the video feature in Instagram so if you remove the vedo from Instagram people will definitely view IGTv and they become IGTv creators.

5.IGTv and Facebook!

Do cross platform and Then the video view will be increase as well

These are my Few Humble request and Suggestions to the Instagram as a user and blogger.

A Blogger Must have installed Five Types of Apps?

 Five types of apps must installed in your smartphone if you’re a Blogger.

Blogging is Fun and a Earning Job too.We can see a lot of people do this,So are you one of them ? Then if you installed these types of applications in your smartphones ? Let me know ! I will tell you what are the types I use !

A Blogger
Must have installed
Five Types of

Read the Blogpost, about the five types of apps must installed in your smartphone if you’re a Blogger.

5.socialmedia apps
Twitter, Facebook, Together

The social media is the master key of the Blogging so you must have Social media apps , Facebook, Twitter ,Instagram

4. Featured image and Thumbnail making.
Poster, Vintage, Antique, War

You must need a featured image or posters to explain the emotions and ideas so you need an app for that.
Adobe spark, Logopit, Canva

3.Image Editing
Adult Art Artist Camera Checking Computer

Bloggers must include images in their post. It will make your post more eye-catching. So you need some Editing apps My Suggestions are, Snapseed, Adobe lightroom, Photoshop.

2.writing Apps
Diary, Notizblok, Note, Pen, Write

Blogging means Writing so you must have a writing App that will help you to note down the notes. my suggestions are
Evernote / Microsoft Onenote /simple Notes

1.Blog platform
Wordpress Background Web Design Website Cm

WordPress / Blogger /Tumblr
These are the Main platforms Used by Bloggers so there the First and Import App must have on your mobile phone.

Bonus Apps.

Let me tell you Some Apps that will help you to boost your blog or vlog,

  • Indiblogger
  • Bloglovin
  • Quora

Using these apps can also help you in blogging or vlogging.

5 Working Tricks to get followers or Fame in social media

If you want followers Fast, if you want to be an Instagram or so socialmedia influencer and be a celebrity. I just saw some cheap tricks done on social media by persons ( they call them Influencers ) I want to Explore that cheap tricks in social media.

Tricks to get followers or Fame in social media

5 Working Tricks to get followers or Fame in social media

1. FU-n Trick.

2. Follow the Trend.

3. Be a Fake.

4. Do give away and Contest.

5. Use Money.

1. FUn Trick

follow then unfollow

That mean following and then Unfollowing this tricks is the most popular one. You can gain more than 10k within two or three months.
How it possible? Just follow people and Unfollow according to Instagram rules. You may get followers and you will be a king. You can do it using unfollowing paid app subscriptions but it’s your choice.

2. Follow the Trend

Just follow the trend it may get you followers always follow and do the trending things in social media, that’s may include mini-challenge, ice water challenge or whatever.

3. Be a Fake.

act be fake world want it

Take snaps of charity and say about it humanity, or animals, women hygiene or Religion thoughts. Yes, there is a chance of popularity. ( I don’t mean Everyone is fake but most people are fake .)

4. Do give away and Contest.

give away

Yes. It’s the most Right- wrong way tricks means you are doing right but its a cheap trick.
How does it work? Just add some rule like follow us and share this content tag few friends. Just like after that people will surely forget about the giveaway or competitions.You can cheat them, currently it works in many cases on youtube or any social media platform .if you complain about this they will show an private account or,

5. Use Money.

spend money

Buy followers from black markets or agencies. And you can do promotions by using it.these are not cheap but. You can get followers by that.

The Secret of Instagram Ideas! Rules.

No one, will reveal the secret of Instagram ideas.Here I will tell you some rules that I find out.

  1. Divide
  2. Specific
  3. Target

Three Rules to get Succeeded

I have beautiful pictures but why I don’t get succeeded.?
Are you the only one who focuses on fashion, Travel, Art. Etc. No. In Instagram there are paid followers accounts and celebrity, Verified blogger accounts, So you have to go through this how?

1.Divide The Niche

Whats Your Niche? It may be anything then divine that niche into parts. Means, If you like photography then you can divine that niche into portrait photography, Street photography, Nature, travel. Then focus on that.
Every Niche has some sub-categories so you can find out which category you belong.


Be specific means you posted Automobile pics and Then you post nature then you posted fashion
It’s good if you’re a lifestyle Instagramer. But if in Instagram people follow only for some information or their likes if someone like Nature they followed you after you posted about makeup then they surely un-follow you. So be specific about the post and the posting time.


Finally the Targeting the audience, yes to get followers or you want to be noticed then you should target the specific audience.
Using Hash # tags is the simple form of targeting the users. Then it will be showing up in search results. If you are willing then spend some money on promoting while promotions you will get reach and views and some peoples will follow you sure.

Here Is A simple Method That Helps Instagram newbie

Here Is A simple Method That Is Helping Instagram newbie I just found an app called Instagram. New Here You you have to learn something.

I’m not giving tutorials to signup or writing about the functions of instagram the rule for how to use it!

Instagram is a platform for anyone it should be a business or personal ( I’m Not talking about the Account style, or features Business account or personal ) Taking about the use of it.

Personal Instagram.
Here you are dealing with your personal things.
Eg. I bought a new car.
Emotions etc you can add here or your Personal passion about picture yes you’re an awesome photographer so Instagram will help you to reach your skills to more people. If you have something to write yes you can write by using poetry apps.
The Instagram personal account is just like that

Business Instagram
It’s extremely Different from personal. Here you’re selling something. You own a Bakery or a hotel you just started an Instagram with your hipster look pictures bullshit!! It’s for your business growth you should post the images of customers says or the beautiful foods you serve, your offers cards. etc it will catch you more customers via social media.


  1. Stole someone’s pics and post it on Instagram without giving a credit.
  2. Don’t follow someone because he followed you.there are cheaters.
  3. look carefully each photo or is this guy is amazing for me and his account has definite value click follow button.
  4. Never Un-follow a true follower.Because of his likes makes you more reach in days. may be some of your followers are fake.
  5. Be Consistent in your uploading pictures.followers will came soon.

What Can You Do About Blogging and blog Right Now!

Blogger The Truth wants to be One?

Blogger The Truth, want’s to be the One? Blogger or Vlogger, it’s a common word or thing right’s good and I hats-off to the decision it will improve a lot of abilities.
But what’s the Blogging style or vlogging actually nowadays?
You can see a lot of entrepreneurs and influvencers ,social media marketers are present in blogpool now .They all doing good.I’m not the one to judge them.

What’s Included in this Post?

  • Blog ?
  • Definition of blog
  • Blogger who?
  • How to blog
  • How to be a Blogger
  • Ideas for Blog
  • How to be Successful 
  • Last words.


Do you know what blogs are? If you don’t, then you’ve come to the right place. In the beginning, a blog was more of a personal diary that people shared online, and it goes back to 1994. In this online journal, you could talk about your daily life or share things you do. But, people saw an opportunity to communicate any information in a new way. So began the beautiful world of blogging.

Definition of blog

“A blog (shortening of “weblog”) is an online journal or informational website displaying information in the reverse chronological order, with latest posts appearing first. It is a platform where a writer or even a group of writers share their views on an individual subject.”

So the blogs are the online journals or the informational websites. If you have something to share you’re welcome.

Blogger who?

I think you don’t need any definition for this. But for those don’t get I will say, A blogger is someone who runs and controls a blog. He or she shares his or her opinion on different topics for a target audience.
So you can be one.

How to blog

People think bloggers earn money well yes, some bloggers do but actually, it’s not a platform to get simply money by just starting a blog. It’s a passion and if the world likes your passion and gives you support then you are entered into the world of money making. Do you want to know how to earn money via online?
I’m not here to give you the tutorials on how to blog’s are created.Yes its you already knows how blogs are created. so there is no need to say how to create a blog. How to Blog in  my view is don’t apply the rules you seen or said by the Professionals (some peoples are true but everyone is not) in your content.Check the tutorials or the idea at first  and think about how it will applicable to your blog and then modify the idea into How to blog? Blog what’s is your passion. Blog – our own words your own style that’s the key.

Be a Blogger

Being a blogger is fun.because you passionate about it. You don’t need to run for topics. Topics?
Bloggers suffer what do I write next. If you love what’s you’re doing topics ideas come to your mind and you start writing that a post. But you need a particular time to post and be authentic in your post you can do it by scheduling them. If you need any assistance to ask the blog circle for suggestions.there are people who are ready to help you just like me ( Don’t need money to help you ) they will help you. We all are bloggers

Ideas for Blog

While you think about starting a blog, first thing in your mind is the idea of How to Name? What should I blog? Hosting? A lot of questions in your mind.

Just think an Idea! I said Idea.not the hosting or name.write a pen Don’t need to listen other’s it’s your passion.
Ask Who are you? What are your hidden abilities?
What do people think of me? Yes, you got your personality and Character.
Now make an idea from that written point it would be a Niche. Lifestyle, political, business, Teacher, Entertainment …
Yes, you find out your idea.Do blogging.

How to be Successfull

There is only one Key its the content.The content gives the power to your blog but,there are some extra points too to be successful.

  •  The Name of the Blog The name catches the attention  to the readers.So the Name must be similar to your Niche or you can use your name as your Blog.
  • The visitor then looks the design of the blog how its looks like,actually if the content is strong then there is no need of the style but in case of a newbie.The look must be attractive so use eye catching colors that compromise the niche.
  • Choose a Best Blog Platform , I suggest WordPress its mostly user friendly and no need of extra codes. for free you must select Blogger Tumbler is also a best alternative.
  • Choose a Nice Fast Hosting if you self-hosted your blog . Blue host,or Host gator are providing a best hosting support.
  • Be alive in all social media platforms are do cross posting.
  • Don’t follow the Crowd Make your own you.
  • Wait .wait ..wait success will come sooooon.

My Final words

 The truth about blogging and bloggers actually they are here to share the information or stories, life events listen to you for the guide you or make you smile or find out who you are. But the most of the blog present in web pool is not to give you information they all want money yes.that’s the truth, the Ugly truth about money people attracted to the world of lies simply so while following a blog or writing I just want you to tell you this don’t blog to earn money or fame share what you want or wanted to don’t sell lies just like evil did in paradise. By selling the truth may be you not get succeed at first but eventually, you will and its defines you your blog.
Do blogging.wishes.

Learning Truth About Instagram Followers Is Not Difficult At All!

The truth about Instagram followers.

The number of monthly active Instagram users as of June 2018. As of that month, the mainly mobile photo sharing network had reached 1 billion monthly active users, up from 800 million in September 2017. The app is one of the most popular social networks worldwide.

It means Instagram is the most upcoming terror social media.

Instagram is a mobile social network that allows users to edit and share photos as well as videos.

The past month the Instagram released IGTv function. Just like youtube. I will tell you about it later.

Followers and Truth

  • Actually, there are active users in the Instagram but all of them are not the actual follower or the instagrammer
  • If you want to learn something new or this profile is interesting so can Follow him.
  • some followers are autobots.they having only demo content.
  • Actually we follow a account having a large no.of followers.
  • More followers, In the case of brands, they are influencers and they got more sponsored posts and earn money. for each posts
  • According to the news  there are 8% of fake account or bot accounts in the Instagram pool.
  • Do you  know?  Just posting a picture in your account and by giving specific Hashtag some accounts will follow you.
  • don’t follow back only beacuse of someone who followed you.they may unfollow you later.
  • you can buy fake followers from the black market.

So there is no truth in inside the Instagram just like the facebook account fakes. So be careful about following and followers.

That’s the Ugly truth about followers in Instagram.

Four Facts About Don’t Post Too Many Stories in instagram That Will Blow Your Mind!

Don’t post too many stories

Instagram Updating day by day And I love this app more and more. The snap chat copycat feature Instagram story is the most highlight.
I said Why I like this Feature. And how to make superb Instagram stories via the app.

If you like my post then do follow my blog.If not,Never ever visit again or dont’t even look at my instagram profile.


Please don’t post too many stories.

Instagram stories can include mainly photos with captions, links, videos etc.these are nice for the audience or the followers.

Four Facts About Don’t Post Too Many Stories in instagram That Will Blow Your Mind.

But think different did you check Instagram stories of all the people you’re following? Must answer be A big No.why?

1.Its Disturbing!


 Don’t post too many stories, yes you have to tell a lot of things but if he doesn’t listen? Yes, too many stories are disturbing You know people have no time to watch the entire story of your’s Don’t disturb the followers.

2 why its Disturbing?

According to people mind, first, they look at their friends then their important style icons or celebrity stories. So you post an interesting story that catches interesting then you got a permanent follower. actually, we don’t have time to view all stories so keep not simple.

3.They will unfollow you!


First they may hide you, second they will un-follow you. The Hiding is also just like an unfollow. so They information you’re providing or as a business account its a big loss.So Don’t post too much stories.

4.How many stories?


Four kickass Solutions for this!

  • Post less than five stories a day. Five is a maximum number. if you a blogger or an Instagramer
  • Stories should be interesting or attractive using the apps.
  • Make a unique style for stories.
  • Be friends with followers.

Don’t forget don’t post too many stories. Five is maximum keep it attractive.plan your stories.using any planner App.

That’s my point.

Five Apps That Make You a PRO in Insta Story

Five Apps that make you Pro in Instastory

 I already posted about I love Instagram stories. How to make instagram story like pro? while using the Instagram you may saw some best interesting Instagram stories in your feed right? So,Do you Want to improve your Instagram stories and Stories?                  There also are a lot of Insta Story making apps on the market. Which ones are worth it? The most of all free applications are filled with may disturb you while using.

So Which ones do everyone use to make these beautiful Insta Stories?

I recommend you Five Apps that available in Google play store that’ll help you create better Instagram stories.

Here are the five most popular apps to edit InstaStories. ( according to me )

1. Canva

 The first app I will recommend Canva. The app let you login to your account it’s having a lot of Instagram story templates. You can choose change font styles etc. This app is a favorite one of all bloggers its do more than an Instastory maker a lot of features included in this app quick collages, add icons are few options, Canva is the easiest and fastest one you can use. You can upload your own photos, add icons, stickers too

“The cool thing about Canva is that you can use it on your computer or on the app. The sync feature helps you to use your previous story style.”

Do I recommend this? This app doesn’t have  advertisement so easy to use ,and it’s Free that means a lot of features without paying a simple penny. Easy to use Choose a template or you can  make your brand. Sync feature enables you to use Both Pc and Mobile by using an account.

Anything bad? Loading time … I hate this app only because of the loading time.But if you have high-speed data its ok.

for download google play


 Fold and unfold nice words right?I used this app its perfect to make cool collages for your InstaStory.There are some templates are available to this application,but its not fully free its comes with paid option some good template are paid its really a sad thing but You can mix photos and videos on the same collage in some templates that’s a good thing actually this instastory apps seems to use a poet or the storytellers .

Why do I recommend Really Simple and Easy to use just only clicks and insert .You can Add Videos to the story.The Collage Feature make you to attract more peoples.

The sound seems I don’t like much? A yes.the ‘popup’ like an can Turn it off via settings in your phone but it may sometime crash the Application. Best one templates are paid.So this instastory app Sucks.

For download google play

3.Logo pit

 Logopit is the best logo maker & the simplest graphic design app I found in Playstore besides we can make awesome Instagram stories by using it.Yes you can use this as a instastory maker.

Why do I recommend? you can add Custom fonts styles..etc to the stories.No problem of too much advertisement and the free royalty free image is the best option.

Anything I don’t like? Actually not! because I like this app a lot I create images sometimes using this.

For download google play


 SNOW is an app to add cool effects on your InstaStory photos and videos.did you hear the Word Videos? yes I like that feature just like the Instagram camera it includes filters, icons, cool features ,You can use this app to create an awesome video for your IG Tv too.

Why Recommended? Simple you can use this as a camera for capture images and videos. Filters and Icons totally fun just like Snapchat.I think this App will stole the mind of girls who using Candycam or B612 etc..

Don’t like anything? Currently, I don’t find anything. If I found something then I will update this post.

For download google play

5. Adobe Spark

 Last but The superstar all of this Nice features as similar to canva app the app let you use remix the template and you can sync the project using the account you’re signed in.This is a superb,instastory maker or blogger friendly app


“The best one”

Recommended or not? Yes, of course, definitely, this one is the nice and the best one in the category after canva the free royalty free images and the fonts style makes the spark even better amount this.

Anything I don’t like? No. I recommend this one.

For download google play

“These are the best five instastory maker apps available in playstore.According to me you can try these Apps.