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Plugin free Cookie in Blog!

Cookies and Me.

Running a Blog you need a cookie policy and Disclaimer.How to do it ?

Plugin free Cookie in Blog!

You’re a Blogger that’s Why  you’re reading this . Actually I’m using word press as the base platform for my blog.I dont know whats you’re using!

I hope most of the peoples using wordpress as their platform.

Others may using. Blogger , Joomla or any other html web applications.

Ok let me tell you something.While using wordpress I have installed a lot of plugins in my blog.By that of Site may slow down a little bit by the loading time according to Getmetrix

You can check your blog speed at here . GTmetrix
Hows your speed? 

The Cookie Law

The Cookie Law is a piece of privacy legislation that requires websites to get consent from visitors to store or retrieve any information on a computer, smartphone or tablet. 

It was designed to protect online privacy, by making consumers aware of how information about them is collected and used online, and give them a choice to allow it or not.
 want to read more ? click here 

cookie without plugin!

 After using most installed wordpress cookie plugin I just need a  change so I tried the java scripted form .its nice and simple and look cool !

You can add the cookie policy without a plugin This is awesome

First you must need to login to your Dashboard!

First Go to ! Silktide

When you landed the webpage you will know what to do later! But I will Explain How I did it 🙂

Select which style you like then continue

After this Select your page or the link address of your policy page link and paste it here !

You Can cutomise thw Text here !

Copy the code

Copy the generated code !

Open up the header.php file and paste the code you have copied after the opening <head>tag:

Click Update 

I think you Learned how to use impliment the cookie notice without plugin 

 test it.. !! if you like 🙂
Ok karma will take care of you!!!

Top Five next Instagram Update Should be

Next Instagram Update Should be

Top Five next Instagram Update should be this, My Humble suggestion to the instagram 🙂


The Most Trending and Upcoming social media app are Instagram. The App Curating the pictures and small video clips. Instagram is the best app for drive traffic to the blog.

Instagram Hidden Features

Instagram app having Some hidden features mean, Only a few are available to the common users. Here I will write what should be the next Instagram update users want! 

1.The Swipe Uplink!

Currently, the swipe Up only for those who have 10k followers. I never say it’s for every account please make it at least for The Biz accounts in the Instagram.

2.Story Limit.

Actually, the Instagram Story is best but more stories in one profile? It’s totally disgusting may be a user may click unfollow button because of that ( I do ) so limit the story by default or user can set it up!

3.Shopping Feature should be Global

This feature is good for Startup companies, it will help the Small startups in the country too.Make fast review for the startup companies.

4.Remove video feature in Instagram

Yes.There is IGTv so why the video feature in Instagram so if you remove the vedo from Instagram people will definitely view IGTv and they become IGTv creators.

5.IGTv and Facebook!

Do cross platform and Then the video view will be increase as well

These are my Few Humble request and Suggestions to the Instagram as a user and blogger.

Indiblogger and Indian Bloggers

Indiblogger and  Indian Bloggers

There are many blog directories, that help you to drive traffic to your blog,
I just recently Joined in this Blog arena.I am going to tell about, by the name you can understand that this is a blog directory for Indian bloggers and Vloggers. In this blogpost I am going to share with you, my experience and views about Indiblogger blog directory.

In this Post, I will try to write about maximum features and the functions of indiblogger platform what I found out!
( Hey if you’re an Indiblogger then say hi to me and add me in a circle and Comment below if I wrote anything wrong -You’re welcome )

Let’s get started the Journey.


In the homepage,

You will see,
WELCOME After that,

popular posts :- The Horizontal layer of the posts you can select and read the post
Today’s Featured posts. :-Here you can see the Best post of today.
Then Fashion Guide The Today’s Category !!

Top posts by category : You can browse this option to get the post you’re searching for.
Then submit your content, Tredning Today tags etc these are for the Registered users.

Then you will see the Youtube Vlogs.
You know the world second Search website is Now youtubed you can see here the best Vloggers posts

Then you scroll then You will see Campaigns & partershipporograms these for registered users.

after that Latest Posts in Forum and The newbie Bloggers in the Indiblogging community.
This is much for you as a visitor buddy
In you can see blog posts done by the bloggers or you can select which topic or category you want to select and Read the post in their blog if you like them then Don’t forget to subscribe their blog or vlog.

If you need to know more ?


Indivine -The post by indibloggers again organised

Directory – You can find out the niche bloggers and bloggs
Events – For the Community there are meetups are comming.!!
Forum , inspire – The place where the indibloggers share their opinions and Doubts regarding blog.


Strictly for Indibloggers
Indione – Only for the Indibloggers | may be you get paid

Add-ons.Badges.Widgets. Only for bloggers

Indirank – knowing the blog rankings
Blogger campaigns– campaigns for the bloggers Indiblogger awards – want to know the bloggers awards .
BNLF – Blog Now Live Forever This an event done by the indibloggers open to all its a main main conference .
Contact – if you have any doubt contact indiblogger team
indiblogger for business :Work with bloggers

Oh!! These is the Small information about the Indiblogger, 

How to join Indiblogger.

Are you a Blogger who is reading my blog ?
Then here comes the Why I will suggest you to join the Indiblogger.
Join Indiblogger or sign up ! The Form you need to fill after that Submit your Blog the team will check your blog .

visit their blog!

There are Some Rules ! Check before you apply! 
Please be sure about your content good don’t copy !
For a Blogger , indiblogger is a kinda Superb platform. Let’s Join the Indiblogger.

fill these forms .Do not copy Anyones content!!  ok wait.. be patient.24 hr .is maximum for to check the blog their team is awesome .

Yes you got mail ?

Ok then you’re now become Officially an indiblogger.

Lets Login !!

Welcome Indiblogger.

That’s all Folks!! want more about indiblogger and me? then comment below!!!

A Blogger Must have installed Five Types of Apps?

 Five types of apps must installed in your smartphone if you’re a Blogger.

Blogging is Fun and a Earning Job too.We can see a lot of people do this,So are you one of them ? Then if you installed these types of applications in your smartphones ? Let me know ! I will tell you what are the types I use !

A Blogger
Must have installed
Five Types of

Read the Blogpost, about the five types of apps must installed in your smartphone if you’re a Blogger.

5.socialmedia apps
Twitter, Facebook, Together

The social media is the master key of the Blogging so you must have Social media apps , Facebook, Twitter ,Instagram

4. Featured image and Thumbnail making.
Poster, Vintage, Antique, War

You must need a featured image or posters to explain the emotions and ideas so you need an app for that.
Adobe spark, Logopit, Canva

3.Image Editing
Adult Art Artist Camera Checking Computer

Bloggers must include images in their post. It will make your post more eye-catching. So you need some Editing apps My Suggestions are, Snapseed, Adobe lightroom, Photoshop.

2.writing Apps
Diary, Notizblok, Note, Pen, Write

Blogging means Writing so you must have a writing App that will help you to note down the notes. my suggestions are
Evernote / Microsoft Onenote /simple Notes

1.Blog platform
Wordpress Background Web Design Website Cm

WordPress / Blogger /Tumblr
These are the Main platforms Used by Bloggers so there the First and Import App must have on your mobile phone.

Bonus Apps.

Let me tell you Some Apps that will help you to boost your blog or vlog,

  • Indiblogger
  • Bloglovin
  • Quora

Using these apps can also help you in blogging or vlogging.

5 Working Tricks to get followers or Fame in social media

If you want followers Fast, if you want to be an Instagram or so socialmedia influencer and be a celebrity. I just saw some cheap tricks done on social media by persons ( they call them Influencers ) I want to Explore that cheap tricks in social media.

Tricks to get followers or Fame in social media

5 Working Tricks to get followers or Fame in social media

1. FU-n Trick.

2. Follow the Trend.

3. Be a Fake.

4. Do give away and Contest.

5. Use Money.

1. FUn Trick

follow then unfollow

That mean following and then Unfollowing this tricks is the most popular one. You can gain more than 10k within two or three months.
How it possible? Just follow people and Unfollow according to Instagram rules. You may get followers and you will be a king. You can do it using unfollowing paid app subscriptions but it’s your choice.

2. Follow the Trend

Just follow the trend it may get you followers always follow and do the trending things in social media, that’s may include mini-challenge, ice water challenge or whatever.

3. Be a Fake.

act be fake world want it

Take snaps of charity and say about it humanity, or animals, women hygiene or Religion thoughts. Yes, there is a chance of popularity. ( I don’t mean Everyone is fake but most people are fake .)

4. Do give away and Contest.

give away

Yes. It’s the most Right- wrong way tricks means you are doing right but its a cheap trick.
How does it work? Just add some rule like follow us and share this content tag few friends. Just like after that people will surely forget about the giveaway or competitions.You can cheat them, currently it works in many cases on youtube or any social media platform .if you complain about this they will show an private account or,

5. Use Money.

spend money

Buy followers from black markets or agencies. And you can do promotions by using it.these are not cheap but. You can get followers by that.

The Secret of Instagram Ideas! Rules.

No one, will reveal the secret of Instagram ideas.Here I will tell you some rules that I find out.

  1. Divide
  2. Specific
  3. Target

Three Rules to get Succeeded

I have beautiful pictures but why I don’t get succeeded.?
Are you the only one who focuses on fashion, Travel, Art. Etc. No. In Instagram there are paid followers accounts and celebrity, Verified blogger accounts, So you have to go through this how?

1.Divide The Niche

Whats Your Niche? It may be anything then divine that niche into parts. Means, If you like photography then you can divine that niche into portrait photography, Street photography, Nature, travel. Then focus on that.
Every Niche has some sub-categories so you can find out which category you belong.


Be specific means you posted Automobile pics and Then you post nature then you posted fashion
It’s good if you’re a lifestyle Instagramer. But if in Instagram people follow only for some information or their likes if someone like Nature they followed you after you posted about makeup then they surely un-follow you. So be specific about the post and the posting time.


Finally the Targeting the audience, yes to get followers or you want to be noticed then you should target the specific audience.
Using Hash # tags is the simple form of targeting the users. Then it will be showing up in search results. If you are willing then spend some money on promoting while promotions you will get reach and views and some peoples will follow you sure.

Here Is A simple Method That Helps Instagram newbie

Here Is A simple Method That Is Helping Instagram newbie I just found an app called Instagram. New Here You you have to learn something.

I’m not giving tutorials to signup or writing about the functions of instagram the rule for how to use it!

Instagram is a platform for anyone it should be a business or personal ( I’m Not talking about the Account style, or features Business account or personal ) Taking about the use of it.

Personal Instagram.
Here you are dealing with your personal things.
Eg. I bought a new car.
Emotions etc you can add here or your Personal passion about picture yes you’re an awesome photographer so Instagram will help you to reach your skills to more people. If you have something to write yes you can write by using poetry apps.
The Instagram personal account is just like that

Business Instagram
It’s extremely Different from personal. Here you’re selling something. You own a Bakery or a hotel you just started an Instagram with your hipster look pictures bullshit!! It’s for your business growth you should post the images of customers says or the beautiful foods you serve, your offers cards. etc it will catch you more customers via social media.


  1. Stole someone’s pics and post it on Instagram without giving a credit.
  2. Don’t follow someone because he followed you.there are cheaters.
  3. look carefully each photo or is this guy is amazing for me and his account has definite value click follow button.
  4. Never Un-follow a true follower.Because of his likes makes you more reach in days. may be some of your followers are fake.
  5. Be Consistent in your uploading pictures.followers will came soon.