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Onam Package Comming soon!

Onam packages arriving soon.

Onam the best festival in Kerala.Kerala?
The Gods own country. The Onam is a celebration
While searching google Wikipedia will tell you,

“Onam is an annual Hindu festival with origins in the state of Kerala in India. It falls in the Malayalam calendar month of Chingam,
The festival commemorates the Vamana avatar of Vishnu, the subsequent homecoming of the legendary Emperor Mahabaliand mythologies of Hinduism related to Kashyapaand Parashurama.”

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typical onam

Onam is a major annual event for Malayali people in and outside Kerala. It is a harvest festival. yeah
In childhood, we all waiting for the Onam days Every Malayali celebrate this festival “kanam Vittum Onam Unnanam” it’s a proverb which means”One must have the Onam lunch even selling his property, to have so” That’s The onam days.

The Ten days of Onam you can have wonderful meals and ‘Payasam’

There are a lot of things to say about Onam.

Onam Packages Comming soon
Onam is a celebration of love, food etc. It’s a gathering of people to come house and make the dishes together and saying some little bit murmuring. Dance, Pookkalam. Etc

For Media
Onam is a festival of making money. In my childhood days, I eagerly waiting for the festival times to watch some new films on Television, the advertisement will be last for 15 or more that but We watch till the end. now everything becomes DTH, Netflix. But for media Onam still is a season for the business.

The Appliances
It’s the season for giving free DVD or Washing machines etc. Now interesting is the smartphone offer mainly they offer an iPhone for the purchase.

Textiles Shops

its the sales-season for Mundu,sarees .so they also provide you offers.

Here comes the one package homely food with ‘ ‘onam sadya’ and all other Onam related functions are available check-in.

Finally and the important
Onam packages for the people. Yeah, Onam is not Just an onam anymore, its a package for the people .I already said its a festival but we are changing, adapting ,so onam should change its style right? we don’t have time to make food to talk to people or enjoy our life to the fullest form .so there is a package for food, Onapookalam and all other activities within a phone call event managers will give you some offers too because of its Onam ..  you just come and participate.That’s the Modern Onam.

Things should be in Bag while Traveling [Life]

Things should be in Bag while Traveling.

It’s Not about the travelling it’s about the its self a travel phenomenon we all are the wanderer of the beautiful journey to the known destination.

There are plenty of travel blogs and channels on youtube to find out what should be in Bag while travelling.

You can Check out that simply.

My Point is the Life the Travel journey of a human to the known destination. What should be in your bag while travelling the life?

Things should be in you bag while the life is your major journey

“Life is really a complicated thing if you not think about what life is”

Things should be in Bag while Traveling

life is a beautiful journey


Yes, you should be filled with courage while travelling courage is important to face the issues and make new decisions etc.


Yes, the bag should contain an optimism to face everything thing a hope a positivity in yourself by that you can overcome anything or any troubles in the path.


The most important thing should be in your bag.without love all thing are unuseful.”Love your neighbour as you love yourself”.it’s a biblical word with a meaning full ideas filled with.what currently the world needs? It’s not money or education its the peace, lack of love make you sad it the absence of peace.if you can think about your neighbour as like you-you may careful at everything you do .will never destroy the beautiful’s not yours its others the animals plants everything owns this be in love.


If I said love then there is the offer came with it’s the happiness if you having the love, Happiness is the by-product of that. Happiness makes you energetic even you are at peak of the age. Happiness gives you optimism and that leads to the courage and the courage leads you to the final known destination.

Bonus thing.


I think you need it.according to Wiki, Traditionally, spirituality refers to a religious process of re-formation which “aims to recover the original shape of a man”, oriented at “the image of God” as exemplified by the founders and sacred texts of the religions of the world.
But what my point is you should be spiritual it may help you sometimes. (it’s an optional tool or thing you should keep while travelling the journey called life.

“Love, happiness, optimism, courage and the bonus spirituality”

These are the main things you need while travelling never forgot.

Type of Students in Class

 Type of Students in Class

Are you a Teacher? But in early days you were a student isn’t? In the classroom you will see amazing characters just like film each of them representing so many characters yes.I gonna tell you 10 type of students I found  in my class, based on their characters.


1.Romantic Romeo



 Yes.In your class, you will find out one guy who is ‘pushpan’ (The Guy who is attached to every girl in the class and outside of the class ).Most of them are so smart and active in the case of girls they are very helpful to girls for taking photostat etc…


 The ‘Sakhav’ (Comrade) In every class there is a political enthusiast in that there is a communist Guy/Girl we can call them ‘Sakhav’ they are very helpful in case of any trouble happened in the college or class they came with some argument and deal with it.

3.Tech Geek

 The Tech Geek.Who is always in Love with his mobile or laptop.He likes to talk about the Technology, Latest gadget.. etc.They will help/provide some information to you for some minor issues happen to your gadgets or help you to decide what gadget you wanted to buy they are living “Tech crunch” site in your class


 The Guy behind Every beautiful picture.He loves to snap pictures.Having a DSLR or with a smartphone, he will amaze you with his Click the photo looks like a cover picture of time magazine.


 In each class, there is a Leader who can lead like mosses he is support you will provide you best in everything.We can believe he will support the class in everything and do everything for the class.

6.Study Worm

 Is class over? Is there is any special classes tomorrow? Any home works teacher? The guy who only like to study.we came here to study not for playing.What will I say about them you know that person right?


Yes.The student who is genius and talented but they don’t do anything they just fly like a butterfly they don’t submit assignments may sometime even don’t attend the class these guys are so smart and do anything for their friends and classmates but most of the teacher hate these guys.


 The New Generation Student.We can call him the fashion geek or Style geek.their dress and Appearance may attract you.


 Creative man in the class the next Picasso or Da-Vinci.They are the master of art, with the help of them we may create or cover pages etc.most of them keep photoshop as like their bible.


 They guy he will take part all of the above and but nothing effect their career or lifestyle they can manage everything everyone loves them amazing persons did you find anyone in your class, college?

 what the Experience in your student life? If its true in case of your life then Comment !!
I will always reply to your comments

10 best Quotes that will inspire you

Did You Ever Googled about Quotes ?

Yes you are.

The Best thing about the quotes; they can trigger something within us , make us think and inspire us to take actions that’s why we love ‘Quotes’ .

Here is 10 Quotes That will Inspire you.


1.BEStronger 💪 . Than before, illness is just a tiny stone


2.Dreams Are you Serious ? Sometime we Forget about it. because we need a Re -boost .need Reboost follow me in instagram and subscribe my blog or read a lot of books thats inspire you.


3.Conceive and Believe Yeah. You can Achieve. Just Be live it.


4.Future is in Your Hand ! create it.


5.Be Optimistic Its fells Better. and make you feel better.


6.Never Quit .Yeah Ouiters never Wins Broh ! Why. Because once he learn it it’s a habit . So never Learn it. Be a winner Broh ! Yeah you may lose never quit the game you’re playing ( anything ) one day you will succeed.. 😊


7.Be careful about Time Most valuable Thing ? Called Time . Rich or Poor no one can buy an extra Time 😊 simply it’s The God . Spend Carefully .


8.Only You (Be Selfish) Survival : Pack your own parachute . Everyone is in hurry to win gain something, something big,  bigger than him/her Nobody care’s (I don’t know you) they so pack your own parachute while the Journey beginz and don’t forgot to keep safe your parachute bcoz there may be people who stole your parachute (ideas / Creativity / etc.) So be careful . don’t worry be happy .Nothing is permanent ! Nothing…(this too shall pass)


10.Everything Become new – Forget about past . Let’s begin a New Chapter .

I hope you Get inspired by these quotes .No.. Will post new ones Iike 🙂 whats Your favorite quote that’s  inspires you in hard times.

Comment below!

How to Organise a Travel Program

We all like to travel.It may solo,Duo or Group.
Here I tell you How to Organised a travel trip and what points you should note while you are travelling and what are the benefits of travelling.Welcome Wanderer!

Main Things You should not forget while Travelling.

Type of Travel ? What is my Resposability in Travel ?

How to Organise a Travel Trip ?

Why I am Travelling ?

Organising a Travel Program

How to Organise a Travel Program?

1.Announce For Group Discussion.

 Announce ‘we are planning/Conducting a Travel trip anyone is interested to join with us and make our trip more adorable by participating and adding your talents in to this trip’. The Group discussions are the ribs of the Group trip.So First you have to Announce for Group Disscussion.

2.Make a Team.

 Create a Team that means.If the travel Organised by a Committee,Clubs and other Group then you can Avoid this.Otherwise You have to make a team or select Some Strong members to your travel committee.There should be Organizer / cashier / food -stay Organizer / Assistant Organizer ( for all support).The strong members in travel committee make your trip adorable.

3.Ask Opinions!

 Ask opinions where? in Group Meeting.Asking a opinions make getting new new idea that will fruit-up your trip more and more.So do not hesitate to ask opinions from the outside or in the group.It is valuable.

4.Select Type of Travel-Trip.

 Type of travel trip ? Yes there is a type of travel trip.Every trip is different and the mood is difficult one by one. Adventure,Festival,Religious These are the main type of travel -trips. First ask about them what you like?

Simply Select Type of Travel-Trip

  • ADVENTURE : Hiking,Trekking,Forest Trips etc. Are included in adventure trips.I prefer Youngsters and teens for this type of trip,it does not mean that I avoid elders “If you are FIT then you can try this”
  • FESTIVAL : Youngsters and Children and Elders like this select this type of will create you a festival mood in your life.
  • RELIGIOUS : Mostly Religious Trips are for Elders and those who seeking Divine.

5.Choose Place.

 After Selecting a Type of Travel you must Choose place.Place where we can reach Easily or the Place where we can get good Food and accommodation.More popular attracted place.

6.Mode of Travel.

How you will reach the Destination? its the mode of travel .

  • BUS : Selecting Via.Bus may a Good choice so you can cover a lot of place much less time (if the places are nearby)
  • Plane/Train : Place is nearby then choose it.
  • Mixed : Mostly its More effective but need a well pre-planned Organisation.After selecting the place the if the place is far away from our place then first select Air or Train and from there arrange a Bus to visit each place.

7.Select Days

 You already selected the place where you want to Go on the Trip.So the Day you select is according to the place.Check Weather which is the Season for that place these are the main points you should note while you are select a date,and make a timetable for visit.

8.Food and Accommodation

 Food and Accommodation one of the most important thing in travel organizing You must check the hotels and Restaurants near that location and what type of food wanted by the travelers,if there is any special type of food that must eat? Check the Safety of the stay place Hygienic or not? The possibility to reach the destination should also noted.

9.How Much it Cost ?

 Last but not least its the the Cost of the Travel trip.After all the above Step you may find out how much will cost for the trip but you should add some more extra to the amount.That because of some time the over all cost may differ than the Pre-calculated amount.

10.Some Extra Tips .

a.Make a Travel Time Table

You should make a Travel Time Table. Always check the time whether the all planning going well according to the early calculations.

b.Note Down The Name and Details of the Travelers.

You should Write down all the details of the people travelling with you and their contact details and other Guardians or parents details Extra.If the trip is out side of the State then it will be required at the check posts. for versification.If you are from any authority then make it like a document by your own letter pad.

c.Medical and Extra Requirements

Take Some Extra Common Medicines with you like ORS,Balms..etc That will help you while in Travelling.

d.Check any Friends Near that Destination.

Check whether any relatives or friends near that area.Its very helpful to Know more about the area.

e.Friend With Guides / Drivers etc.

 Be friends with Everyone.The travel Guides and the Drivers in the bus etc. are very familiar with that area so while travelling with them they can help you to find easy ways or more places,destinations somany extra benefits from them so be gentle with them and do not behave them like a slave.

Do you llike my post? Not! then comment below! Why.

BookMyShow My Experience

BookMyShow My Experience

Book My Show or simply BMS offers showtimes, movie tickets, concert tickets through our figure tips.
Most of the time I use BMS for booking tickets and checking show times.

I joined book my show in 2013 oh it’s going to 5 years now! They modified their site Mobile app day by day it’s all changed they introduced mobile wallet for money exchange etc.

Why I Choose BMS first?

I used a lot of mobile apps or site for booking tickets it may include the Tickets New, PVR, carnivals etc..But Why I love BMS over these it gives the details about the shows and events take place near me other apps or site never provide these feature this keeps the BMS to Maintaining their top position/

What about the Service Support?

Yes, the look and style don’t matter work matters in case of BMS it’s 100% superb support.Let me give my Experience happened recently,I just booked a ticket for the Movie Queen Malayalam that’s was the first show in carnival Muvattupuzha.I arrived the place sharp time but there is no show !! There is a lot of people shouting “why you sold this tickets to us? “ blah blah blah… There is a fight between the cinephile and the Carnival manager.

I got upset if there is no show then what happens to my money?

So I tweet them is there is any show? After few time they respond sorry sir the show was canceled and you will get your money back to your wallet. I got the confirmation And few days after the money back to my wallet So they are providing a good efficient service. so you can use the BookMyShow

This is my experience as a customer.

What about the Site BOOKMYSHOW?

Did anyone use site now a days in my case no..!! But the site works well too much options in larger screen. That’s all we can see filim slides in the monitor.

Offer Slides and more option about events plays more more options

Using BMS Application.

I am an android user.

Bookmyshow Android application is good but in my view I don’t like the new modern design at all.In new design To the top there is two tabs movie and juke box ( does anyone use jukebox? )
In movie according to your location you can browse the movie time and ticket booking.
In bottom you see home icon , search ,Groups , and your profile icon.

I don’t like these shits about this app.
If you want to search change your location into a main one. Bookmyshow you should add it in the top tab the event/shows option. old UI was superb.
Any Other complaint ? Yes I need points for booking my tickets if I get one ticket free its ok !!! Now am ok !!

This is why I love about bookmyshow app these app having a wallet option and they allow all type of payment system ( paytym wallet oxygen etc.) they have a superb support system I already mentioned about it.
The Quick pay the Review writing make it different from other booking apps.The E-Ticket option that was a tremendous idea! whatsapp Business Collaboration I Like it 🙂


I will recommend this site /mainly app for all by my experience they are awesome they are superb. Want to book a movie first check it in bookmyshow may be you get one + one offer check it out.

Toda… ?

Rules in College Life expected and happened

Rules in College Life expected and happened

I was very happy while I joined my engineering in CUSAT main campus.So much expectations and planning,Yes life is full of planning but everything not going to happen according to the plans there may some external particles that may twist your life.

Here I tell you what was my expectation before going to the college and after that what I learned from there.

These are the Seven Rules in College life ,Rules I learned from College Life expected and happened

7 Unexpected Rules for College Students Before and After College life. Yes This is My Experience in College. and What Rules I expected and Happend in my college life.”College life is that the part of life that you’re going to relive in Your moments till you breathe.”

My dear Friend You learn a lot of things in your college life it’s kinda awesome life period.

In My College Life I have such feeling like Sadness,happiness,Hate, not time for Love ? Ok.

7 Unexpected Rules For College Students

Before and After College Life that I learned from My life.

Going to College? Lets count the 7 Rules before You Going to College

Rules before You Going to College

1. Be a Regular Student.

Don’t Absent in Class. Every class is important if you absent in one class it’s a big loss. “Every day is important so be in class, and study well. “

2.Wear Uniforms./ Strict Dress Code

Strict dress code /Uniforms are must while in College. Yes you don’t allow to wear normal causal dress while you’re here you must follow the rules of the college.

3.Write Down Notes.

“You must Write down the notes. Because it’s College Here Prof. Will note give you notes. you must Write your own notes.”

4.Submit Your Assignment at Right Time

Assignments are one of important thing in whole education system. So the vast amount of topic you have to cover then write assignments and submit at Right Time .You have internal marks for those assignments.

5.Ask Your Doubts

Yes While in College you may doubt in studies.When you done assignments you will get more Doubts. (I’m talking about studies ? ) Your Doubts will clear.

6.Good Manners in Class

Behavior is important.Now you’re in College so you should behave as like mature.


Yes Why You’re in College? You came here to Study. Yes you have to Study well — Properly. Then you get a better Job.

These are the Rules You must Follow.But if you Follow this I don’t know How you will Graduate from the college. So I made some Changes in this Rules from My Lesson Let me tell you. what I learned from my college,

7 Unexpected Rules After College life

Rules I learned from College Life expected and happened

I learned the Rules I expected is not works anymore,I followed that idiots rules but that is never going to work in college in college you need these rules it works most case.

7 Unexpected Rules After College life.

1.Be a Weekly Visitor in class

How it’s possible ? If you don’t get attendance then you can’t attend exam.You will expelled ?
No. You should find a proxy friend.He will be there for you and by the help of proxy friend you may get attendance more than any students in class.

2.Don’t wear Uniforms / No Dress Code

What you said No.uniform ? Yes check which prof. Are taking class and After that you should wear Uniforms ( teachers are important )

3.Never write Notes !!

If Professor Said submit your notes then ? Yes some teachers may say submit your notes then you should submit any of your seniors notes.

4.Don’t need to submit assignments at Right Time

You should be a pet to that proffessor.then he/she will give you marks.

5.Never ask Doubts.It will make you an enemy Big Enemy!

Yeah.Never ever ask Doubts to Prof. The Proffessor.may look at you and he will think who the hell are you. And that will lead you for less internal mark and may be you will never graduate at all.

6.Be a Flirt.Womeniser.Praise everything everyone (Being Fake)

Yes the flirt behavior is important that make you popular.and praise everyone etc. It will give you marks.

7.Study -Yes Study how to copy !!

Truth have no value in college.if you wrote true Your own words prof.Dont give you marks they want what’s exactly in books so you must study how to cheat in exam, copy it will give you more marks

Warning!! 😯 
 Hey These are Some findings from my college life.People Graduate and got placements in MNC by following only these Rules. And some are not ?So am not responsible for anything happens to you by following these Rules.

Did you tried any of these Rules ?

Comment your Thoughts …below

Why I like Blogging ?

Blogging for what ? Why ?

  Its my way to document My Experiences. In My Blog My Views About Living, Food, Culture, Entertainment, Love-Family-Friends- Relationship and more topics happen my My Life.


 Blogging Why ? 

♦ To Share My Views about Trends. Everyone have his own view about             Everything I like to share my views to others.

♦ To Build a Virtual Circle or Group of cyber fellow who are having same or   different Thoughts its possible by blogging.

♦ To Spread the word- Its Helping to spread the word around the world.

♦ To Be a Part of Blogging World.

♦ Last but not least Chance of making money


Q:   Who are My readers?

A:    who Make their life Beautiful by Criticisms.want Lifestyle tips !

Q:   What will my readers want to know about my blog?

A:    All views are mine and I always post the my view if you like then     Thumbs Up!.


Thanks 🙂 its just a small info. Why I like blogging  😀 

I am Back ! Yes

why I should say Am Back ?

 Iam back !Note ! Its has been one month, l published my reboot post in my Blog.(after thta it crashed server issue blah blah.. After that Isl started , Rahul become president of congress , Ted Talk in Tv ( Killing ideas Through Advertisement ) ,Rape News (common now days ), Election in Gujarat (Just for Fun) , Parvathy the Feminist (news makers) and Lal the Odiyan (dedication to acting) last not least the Okhi the Killer. and the wink girl 🙂 

Yes! I am Back.

  This is not Just a ‘Blog post’ : this is the Post about, why I was not posted so far ,The truth is I was lazy. and was lazy in get to online my blog again 🙂 Are you a Lazy one ? Answer it in comments 🙂


  Just like John Wick Said — I think I’m back ! Yes I gonna Criticize everything. It includes you. The situations the current trending topics the Fake news. Promoting films …Etc
 If you like my content keep visiting my blog / Vlog or if you interested then follow me in my socialmedia accounts.

Iam Back !! Stay tuned … Fellas!!!!